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We clean small offices, corporate offices and retail locations

Are you looking for office cleaning in Newmarket, Ontario?

Whether you have a small office, corporate office or a retail location, the office cleaners at Newmarket Office Cleaning can help get your office clean and sanitized for your clients and customers. You can trust us to always give the best service and leave your office looking good as new!

We understand offices are a core representation of your business and our main focus is to provide the best cleaning service for you and your customers!

Maintaining a balanced work-life environment starts with cleanliness and presentation. After a long day of work, the last thing you want to do is clean your office. That’s where we come in, we ensure a clean environment absolutely well done. Your clients will notice the cleanliness of your office and will be at ease doing business with you.

We specialize in cleaning of all high touch areas, including door knobs, desks, phones, office equipment and other frequently used items. In addition, we also clean and sanitize office bathrooms, kitchenettes and staff lunch rooms including inside the fridge, microwave, all cabinets, counters, carpets and floors. We will collect and empty all garbage containers and refill soap dispensers.

Office workspaces, desks, chairs, phones are dusted, wiped and disinfected properly. The front entrance such as the reception area is also important to be maintained and to be presentable, so we clean and remove fingerprints from doors, windows, picture frames. We mop all floors and vacuuming the carpet space as well. 

Ensure your employees are working in a clean, stress-free environment by letting us do the work. If you are in need of our cleaning services, then we are ready to help with a customized cleaning plan that suits your needs.

Quality Office Cleaning in Newmarket, Ontario

Our main goal is to always leave our clients in Newmarket, Ontario happy with a fresh, clean office. We specialize in:

  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Single Tenant Offices
  • Multi-Tenant Offices
  • Corporate Head Offices
  • Dental and Medical offices
  • Small Businesses
  • Conference Rooms
  • Retail locations-
    Let us handle the tedious cleaning tasks so you can spend more time on more important things, running your business. Call Newmarket Office Cleaning today at (647) 417-4767 for a free quote and let’s build a cleaning program that fits your schedule and office hours.

Newmarket office cleaning - newmarket ontario canada

Newmarket Office Cleaning serves Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.

Newmarket Office Cleaning

Newmarket Office Cleaning offers office cleaning services in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. From small offices, retail offices, corporate offices and commercial cleaning of office space.


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