Boardrooms need cleaning too. We list the 5 things to look for in a great office cleaning provider.

Looking for a cleaning service for your business? The Covid-19 pandemic has made cleaning your business location more important than ever. Here are 5 things to look for in a cleaning service whether you have an office, retail location or other commercial cleaning needs:

1. Consistency

Consistency is key. Many commercial office cleaners start off well by paying attention to detail while cleaning, but over time will become less focused with their services. A reliable Office Cleaning provider shoulder provide consistently high standards of cleanliness and high-quality, dependable service over the long run.


2. Bonded & Insured

You should look for office cleaning companies that are bonded and insured so that your facility is financially protected from any losses and damages. Professional cleaners will take the time to become bonded and insured.


3. Good Reputation

Before you hire a cleaning provider for your office or retail location, you should check references to confirm they have a record of quality work and happy clients. A successful office cleaning service will not hesitate to provide you with references from their happy clients.

4. Flexible

You need a cleaning service to work around your team’s work schedule – you don’t want a cleaning service working and interrupting your employees and customers. A professional office cleaning service will be accommodating to your schedule and they will work with you to customize a cleaning plan that fits your needs.

5. Experience 

Hiring a office cleaner with the right experience for the services you are looking for is the best decision you could make – not just any office cleaning service will do when it comes to your business. Office cleaners who have years of experience have a organized way of cleaning and ensure that cleaning services are being delivered effectively. Commercial office cleaning  requires cleaners with ample experience to ensure your office space is serviced properly and reliably.

The 5 things to look for: Consistency, Bond & insured, Good reputation, Flexible and Experienced will help ensure you find the right office cleaning service for your business.

You will find these 5 things at Newmarket Office Cleaning in Newmarket, Ontario – call us today (647) 417-4767

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